Monday, September 1, 2008

Flying over Sechelt

Today I got to go flying with Josh, my Number Two Son.

Over the last two days we called back and forth to arrange the details, whether I should go to Sechelt and he would pick me up there or go to Horseshoe Bay and meet him there. In the end we agreed on Horseshoe Bay.

That meant I had to be packed up and ready to catch the little foot ferry from New Brighton on Gambier at noon, then transfer to the big car ferry in Langdale back to Horseshoe Bay. Josh would drive there and pick me up at the ferry terminal and then we would drive to the small plane airport at Boundary Bay.

Everything went smoothly and we had our little plane by 3:00pm, Josh had to complete some paperwork and then do a visual inspection of the plane before we could take off.

He also had to instruct me in various safety measures.

We were ready to go at 3:45pm, and got in line behind a couple of other planes waiting for take off. We watched as half a dozen small planes landed before we were given the OK to take off. Busy day!

Our itinerary was to fly over the Port Mann bridge then along the North Shore out to Howe Sound, across and up the Sunshine Coast to Sechelt.

We took a short detour to go to Gambier Island and circle Johanna and Dave's house there a couple of times while I attempted to photograph it from the air.

Out of four photos the house showed up in two blurry ones, not a particularly successful effort. But I didn't want to circle the house a third time.

We landed successfully in Sechelt, where my friends Morrie and Sher were waiting for us.

Morrie has his pilot's licence but has not flown for a long time, they were happy for the opportunity to get up in the air in a small plane again. Plus, they had recently purchased a house near Sechelt and were curious to see it from the air.

We did a little circle tour, up the inlet behind Sechelt as far as Earls Cove and then down the coast back again. We saw lots of gravel pits and fish farms.

Finally, Josh dropped the three of us off in Sechelt and returned to Vancouver, I went home with Morrie and Sher to spend a few days on the Sunshine Coast with them.

My camera battery pooped out somewhere over the inlet behind Sechelt and Josh suggested I take more pictures on his camera, but I haven't seen any of those photos yet. Besides, there's only so many aerial views you can take in! Half my pictures I have no idea what I was photographing at the time.


Anonymous said...

Oh Anne! How marvelous that you have friends and one talented son to visit with and to fly with. Sweet!

What adventure after adventure you've had in the last few months. Will plain life bore you when you return to it? Will you need a dog to be happy then? I wonder!!

Zabetha said...

Hi Barbara

What is plain life? To me it's all plain life, or adventure, depending on your perspective. When I'm on the move all the time, I look forward to settling in one spot for awhile, so I think I'll be just fine sitting in one place over the winter.

And since my winter home is upstairs from Dobby, I'll be fine 8-)

Hugs to you too! Was missing your comments!