Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A shameful first: child soldier faces trial for war crimes

According to today's Toronto Star, Omar Khadr---the only Canadian imprisoned at Guantanamo---may be moved to a new facility, "Gitmo North", just outside of Chicago. Omar faces trial before an American military commission, and will be the only child soldier in world history to be tried for war crimes. He was captured at age 15, seriously wounded, and charged with the murder of an American soldier (the evidence supporting this charge is rather sketchy).

Omar has been imprisoned without trial since 2002, suffered torture, and not been permitted any visits from his family in Canada.

Shame on the American government for torturing, charging and trying a child soldier, shame on the Canadian government for keeping silent.


Wisewebwoman said...

this is horrifying Annie. Co-incidentally, I was writing on moral and political degradation in my post and will now link to yours.

Barbara Anne said...

Shameful and awful, indeed.

Hugs ...