Thursday, May 20, 2010


In the last few days I have completed or almost completed two projects, a knitted beret and a woven scarf.

I took the photos of the beret while it was being blocked on a large plate. The bottom side shows a wave pattern.

On the top side of the beret are little pink fishing boats, and multiple Cape Splits. I am sure you would never recognize them if I hadn't told you.

In the centre is a star and it isn't really a stella maris because that would have five points not six.

Around the edge of the star are the words Baxters Harbour. I am sure you would never recognize them if I hadn't told you.

The scarf is in a pattern called 2/2 twill. I think that means that it is a twill pattern in which you lift two shafts at a time. Looking at this picture I see an error in the pattern that I hadn't noticed before. Oh well. I'm afraid there are a couple of places where I screwed up the pattern.

This scarf is not quite complete, I still have to weave in the weft ends and cut the fringe to even lengths.

I don't have time to start any more projects right now, this will be it for a while.


Barbara Anne said...

Lovely - both beret and scarf! You are one multi-talented woman!!!!!!!! Applause, applause!!

The colors in the scarf are my favorite colors, but then I pretty much like all colors....


Wisewebwoman said...

I love how you've captured the sea and the boats and the sextant (I choose to call it that) it is incredibly lovely.
As to the scarf what makes our creations a true piece of art are the tiny little mistakes that only the creator sees, others don't.
Lovely work my friend.