Saturday, May 29, 2010

In the jungle

Friday was a little cooler than the previous few days, there was a breeze and the temperature was forecast to only go up to 24C. So I cleaned up the truck in preparation for leaving.

We live close to the railway tracks, which is generally considered not a good thing due to the noise and vibration of passing trains. But we only have GO trains, the green and white double decker commuter trains. They are short and zip by quite fast, and mostly run during rush hour.

The interesting thing about being near the train tracks is that they provide a corridor for wildlife to come into the city, so we regularly see creatures that don't normally live in city centres. We
have rabbits and possums and hawks and redwing blackbirds. Plus the usual raccoons and skunks.

There's a spot where the street passes close to the tracks, a small stretch of no-man's-land filled with trees and shrubs. A few locals have taken it on to keep the area clear of garbage and planted in native flowers. When you walk by that spot it is raucous with birds. I am not sure what kind of birds, maybe robins maybe something else, but they sure are noisy. It's like being in a jungle listening to them. I've seen people walking that stretch of street and stopping
under the trees there just to listen to the birds.

Between the snow and the jungle birds, this is definitely a magical faerie land.

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Barbara Anne said...

How charming to have a more interesting neighborhood than the rest thanks to features like the train track and to folks who plant wild flowers to nurture the wildlife!