Saturday, May 29, 2010

June snow

It's snowing on Wyndham. Has been for over a week and there's no end in sight. It's also very hot.

The snow fills the air, turns lawns white and makes flowers look as if they are covered in white mould.

It piles up along curbs and walls and in side alleys, you have to wade through the stuff. Huge flakes, some almost as big as a fist, blow and float down the street.

When I open the front door, it swirls into the front hallway. I left the windows cracked on my truck because of the heat, and now the truck is full of snow.

Where is it coming from? Why, the great big old cottonwood in Casey's front yard! Looking up into that tree I see no end in sight, the leaves are obscured by balls of cotton everywhere.

I guess I've never been in Toronto at this time of year, or at least not in Toronto on Wyndham Street, because this is my first experience of June snow. Due to climate change, the snow has arrived early, June isn't until next week.

Some residents love it, it's a magical sight to see all this fluff floating, dancing, piling up everywhere. And as soon as you turn the corner off our little street, the snow is gone, no one else has it. Others hate it, Casey says that in the past some neighbours have attempted to cut the tree down. She always feels a little embarrassed on behalf of the tree when its snow is blowing.

Kids kick the snow up in the air, try to collect it in great mounds. There are no green (or even brown) lawns on our street, they are all white. Looking up into the sky, you see it dancing everywhere. And as I sit typing on our front porch my hands and arms are growing fluffy cobwebs, it looks like the kind of stuff people decorate with at Hallowe'en.

Isaac tells me this will last at least another week, and I believe it, there's a ton of snow still up in that tree.

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Barbara Anne said...

Interesting! Hope the cottonwood survives to continue to blanket your Toronto neighborhood with June snow!