Monday, May 24, 2010

Dobby and the Queen

Dobby I am sure is fine with the Queen. He'd be happy to celebrate her birthday. But perhaps not with fireworks. This long weekend in celebration of the old Queen's birthday---Queen Victoria that is---is just one long firecracker fest. Yesterday Dobby was fairly nonchalant about it during the daytime, but sometime after supper he caved. For the first time ever, he started hiding in my bedroom. Realizing what was going on, I invited him to spend the night and he gratefully accepted. It was a bit hot with one huge boxer in the bed with me, but what can you do. Same thing tonight, he has already spread himself out on my bed and I am sure he has no intention of leaving before the morning. Earlier this evening he was following me very closely. If I went upstairs, he went upstairs, and if I went down so did he. If I paused halfway up or down, then so did he.

We put the kayak on the truck roof tonight. It has been hanging from my ceiling all winter and spring, now it is on the truck. Getting it down the stairs was awkward, especially with Dobby in the middle. When we paused, so did he. I felt like whacking him with a paddle.

The other thing we did this weekend was sod the backyard. In all the time we have owned this house, it has never had grass in the backyard, now it is full of lush green grass. It was a lot of work and our backs are aching, but it sure looks good now. We will water it twice a day for a couple of weeks and fence it off from kids and dogs.

Tristan has just joined Cubs and has discovered the joy of badges. He pores over the book of badges to see which ones he can qualify for. Turns out sodding a lawn qualifies him for a couple of badges, so we had one very willing helper. Several of the local little boys have just joined Cubs, they are all very excited about the badges. Interestingly, they are all boys who dislike competitive sports. Cubs is a very noncompetitive alternative. They get to go camping and collect badges to their little hearts content.

Tristan had his first Cub camping experience on the Mother's Day weekend, it was cold and rainy and there was even thunder and lightening, but the thrill of sharing a little tent with another Wolf Cub out in the woods made him oblivious to the weather. He came home exhausted, dirty and very happy. And of course got a badge for it. Not any old badge, but a badge that requires a Scout blanket to attach it to. His Mom was mystified by the concept of a Scout blanket, but having acquired one myself for Tristan's Uncle Sam when he was a Cub, I explained it to her. Now Tristan has his own Scout blanket, and his first badge for it.

I have a busy schedule this week. On Wednesday there is a weaving class field trip, all day. The rest of the week will be spent preparing to leave for Nova Scotia. Lots of packing and errands to take care of.


Barbara Anne said...

Too funny about Dobby's attentiveness in the face of the annoying bombardment of unwelcome noise. We have a cat who attaches herself to me if thunder is heard and we've occasionally spent a bad storm sitting on the steps with her behind my knees. It's nice, if not toooo warm, being a creature's safe haven!

Congrats to all the happy and dirty little Wolf Scouts!!

Have fun on your field trip!

Oh, goodie! We're going to Nova Scotia again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Count me in!!


20th Century Woman said...

I have had dogs that were terrified of fireworks, and the 4th of July was their hell time. My present poodles don't even seem to notice it.

Since I got home from Alaska the cat has attached herself to me at night, so I sleep wedged between 2 hot bodies, Heloise (the cat) and Jerry.

I am anticipating posts on the trip, and on Nova Scotia. I myself will stay put for a little while.