Monday, May 17, 2010

Another dogless doglady brunch

It was a truly excellent sunny Sunday for a brunch get together! Five of the dog ladies gathered at The Henhouse, a local bar, for brunch. Grace said she might come by later but she didn't make it. Catherine, who managed to sleep right through the last brunch, made it this time, and Cherie the owner of Chip joined us as well. The food was really good and so was the coffee. I had two cups of strong coffee and I was still feeling the effect eight hours later.

Cherie told Barbara and I that The Henhouse opened at 10am and she needed to be somewhere at noon so it would be good if we met there at 10 for our Sunday brunch. I thought I was going to be late but arrived first, followed shortly by Barbara. We waited a half hour and no one else showed up so Barbara thought she'd walk the half block to Cherie's store and see if she was coming. Cherie's husband said she was in the shower. When Barbara told him we were supposed to be meeting for brunch he yelled at her to get out of the shower right now. Barbara returned to the Henhouse, and a few minutes later a wet-haired and breathless Cherie ran in. By that time Fatima and Catherine had also arrived and we were a full table.

Barbara by the way is an officially published author now, her first book Now What? A Practical Guide to Aging, Illness and Dying has just been released. The descriptive blurb implies that this book is all about issues around dying and bereavement, but in fact it covers a lot more, including nursing and old age facilities, home care, dementia, estate management and legal matters.

Catherine is a real estate agent and she says the real estate market is hopping, in spite of forecasts for a slowdown. We discussed the real estate market for a little while and then later, after we got the bill, she asked for the receipt to use for a business expense claim, since we had talked business with her. I know she works really hard at her business, and she's a good agent.

Fatima and I continue to do our walk-runs at MacGregor and Catherine wants to join us. That will be fun.

We have had to stop bringing the dogs with us because the field there is now being used for soccer and Fatima's dog Alpy loves chasing balls---even soccer balls---too much. We went there early this morning before brunch and brought the dogs because we thought surely no one would be out playing soccer that early on a Sunday morning. That was true, although a couple of dedicated soccer players were there practicing.

As it happens I was dogsitting another dog---Valentine---this past weekend, so we had three big dogs: Alpy, Dobby and Val. Val unfortunately is a runner, always on the lookout for an escape route, and that seriously interfered with our ability to concentrate on running. Fatima says we really need to give up on taking the dogs with us, they are just too much of a distraction. It got warm quite fast and the dogs got quite hot trying to keep up with us, it's a good thing I brought a water bottle for them. But Alpy is such a ball hound that given the choice between holding onto his ball or getting a drink of water, he chooses the ball.

Remember when I could hardly do 30 seconds? Well I am up to one and half minutes with ease now. Fatima can still walk faster than me, but I can run longer than her. My aerobic capacity is greatly improved. I saw my doctor last week and she gave me the green light to continue. Catherine is undaunted, she says she won't run she'll just walk, and that is fine.

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Barbara Anne said...

How wonderful to have friends to play with! I agree that each dog along for run-walk time adds an exponential amount of uncertainty to the exercise time.

Cheers for your increasing endurance!!