Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bird visitors

Over the past couple of weeks I've tried to photograph some of my bird visitors. I can only photograph them through the window so these photos vary in quality from poor to OK-but-not -great. And so far I have not been able to get one of the flicker.

The ubiquitous blue jays. They come in a gang, usually in the morning, spend a few minutes and then they're gone till the next day.

The female cardinal. She comes fairly often, I hardly ever see the male at this feeder although he is around as much as she is.

Lots of chickadees...

And nuthatches...

And goldfinches. They are a dusky yellow in the winter.

Occasionally a hairy woodpecker comes by, I put this suet cake out in hopes of attracting this fellow.

I have not been able to get a good photo of any of the juncoes, these photos make it look black but it is slate grey-blue in colour.

The fox sparrow. He has an incredibly cute face, but again, I've had a hard time getting a good photo of him.

Just behind the left side of the feeder roof is a junco waiting his turn, he won't go into the feeder until the sparrow has left.

The sparrow knows that and is taking his time.

Another goldfinch, perched a few feet from my window calmly peering in at me. As I moved around her eyes followed me.

Crows hang around most of the day, but rarely come close. The other day I watched one investigating one of the feeders but I think he found it a little precarious for him. The crows keep the hawks away.

The male cardinal. Just before he went into the box he was perched on a nearby post and would have made a stunning photo, unfortunately my camera was in another room and by the time I retrieved it he had moved into the box.

The other day I was driving out the old highway toward the Avon River, I saw at least a half a dozen bald eagles gliding above me. Half of them were adults with the white heads, the others were juveniles who did not yet have the white head feathers. They were gorgeous, a wonderful sight.


Barbara Anne said...

What lovely feathered friends you welcome and care for with food.

I had no idea that some of these birds wintered with you. They summer with me!


Annie said...

Hi Barbara Anne, welcome back! Are you referring to the cardinal? In '06 I spent the summer in Tennessee and was enthralled by the bright red birds there---cardinals and tanagers. Gradually the cardinals have been moving northwards, they don't appear to migrate much, once they arrive they stay apparently. My old bird book of 1964 says there are no cardinals in Canada, but now they are established in at least two provinces I know of.

The pair in my neighbourhood are year-round residents, which is wonderful. There was at least one pair in my Toronto neighbourhood too.