Friday, January 21, 2011

The Stupid Pete Award

Yesterday I cleaned out my tool trunk. I don't think I have sorted and cleaned that trunk since the mid-90s sometime. Anyway, seemed like it was time again.

Many decades ago in my very early 20s I left home, for good I thought. Some time later I came back to retrieve belongings that I had left in storage in my parents' basement. At that time my brother was using the basement as a workshop. I discovered that he had been into my stuff and left his "calling card" in the form of stickers with his name on it, all over my stuff. For years after I kept finding those stickers in odd places.

And yesterday, I found another on a cheesebox in that tool trunk.

Well brother, when you leave your name all over your big sister's stuff, you have only yourself to blame when it gets blasted all over the internet.

1 comment:

Wisewebwoman said...

LOL, Annie.
And that cheese that originally was in the box sounds just yum.
PS And some of my tools are missing, I am most upset, I become attached to hammers and screwdrivers.