Saturday, January 1, 2011

Midnight at the barn

Happy new year to all of you. May it bring good things into your life and leave sleeping dogs lie.

I'm still in my PJs lounging in bed with tea and toast and laptop. Yesterday I was wide awake at 4.00am and managed to stay awake until some time after midnight, at which time it then became impossible to sleep for another couple of hours, so I am quite exhausted now. I look forward to some kind of normal sleep regime in the near future, I hope.

Why 4.00am? Don't ask me, it certainly wasn't my idea.

A few of us gathered for a kind of Last Supper of the Year: some gorgeous big fat scallops, veggies, "German junk food" as our host called it (chocolates from Germany) and a bit of sparkling wine for a toast. These were friends from the '70s and '80s, so we shared a few memories of "the good ol' days". Turns out our shared memories conflicted a bit, we remembered things happening in a different order, to different people, or in a different place entirely.

Then we hied ourselves off to a New Year's dance at the Old O Barn. A kind of barn dance I guess. The band played a unique mix of '70s-'80s rock and Celtic jigs and reels, and most folks were on the dance floor unless they had medical reason not to be. Well, most of the women that is. For some reason guys don't dance. Medical condition maybe?

The age range was pretty broad, I'd say late teens to late eighties. On the dance floor you could tell how old a dancer was by how high they bounced. One young woman in flying pigtails wore what looked like skiboots with gigantic rubber heels and soles, she towered over us even when she wasn't bouncing.

With the 4.00am rising bit, I found I had to stay on the dance floor or else I'd go catatonic in a chair somewhere.

Countdown at midnight, hugs and kisses all 'round, then I was out the door and scooting home before collapsing altogether. Some midnight bean bacon and kale soup and off to bed, only to lie there another hour or two waiting for sleep. Argh!


20th Century Woman said...

That sounds like a good party, but I can't understand how it didn't exhaust you. How could you be awake at 4AM after that? Hope the sleep thing improves for you. Perhaps what you need is a regular set routine.

Annie said...

Well it did exhaust me! I was up at 4am on Dec 31, but I think I managed to get to sleep sometime around 1-2am Jan 1. Yes, a set routine would be nice, but I'm a light sleeper and an early riser at the best of times, so trying to stay up till midnight puts everything out of whack! I really do envy friends who can sleep in well past daybreak...

Wisewebwoman said...

HNY Annie:
Sorry to hear about this sleep thing, there is nothing worse, though I've only had it rarely myself, I often brag I can sleep on a clothes line!
Missed the turning of the year but I might have been persuaded to go to the barn!

Barbara Anne said...

What a great gathering and party! Perchance could the caffeine in the German chocolates account for your unwelcome wakefulness?

I've come to the age where caffeine does me in if I have it after 4pm. If we had ceiling tiles, I'd be counting them if I forget and have caffeine anything after 4pm. Bummer!

Belated Happy New Year! Hugs!