Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tour of the new-old place

1. The back door, in the kitchen. Immediately to the right in this photo is the stairway down to the basement.

2. The left hand side of the kitchen counter...

3. ...and the right hand side.

4. Looking from the kitchen toward the living room.

5. The front door and vestibule, to the right of the dining table in the photo above. The floor in the vestibule is uninsulated so I keep the inner door closed.

6. Big rocking armchair chair (that doesn't really rock so it's safe to put a mug of coffee on the wooden arms) and couch on the left facing toward the kitchen.

7. Woodstove and desk on the right.

8. View from living room toward the kitchen.

9. Sunset on the living room wall above the couch.

10. Standing between living room and kitchen, looking down the hallway toward the bathroom, loomroom (on the left) and bedroom (on the right).

11. Standing at the other end of the hallway, looking toward the kitchen (on the left) and the living room (on the right). That door on the right is a closet, but when I used to live here before it was the door to the stairway to the basement. I keep walking into that closet when I want to go downstairs.

12. Loom and computer desk in the loomroom...

13. There's no closet in my bedroom because it isn't really intended to be a bedroom. The loomroom is supposed to be the master bedroom so it has the closet.

14. Across the hall from the loomroom, looking into my bedroom.

I haven't done much with the basement yet, and I haven't put up pictures yet either. Lots of time for that.


Rain said...

Your home looks very warm and inviting, a wonderful place for you to work or have in friends and family. I like the colors. That loom is gorgeous. I love the beauty of looms. I like the sounds they make as they are being worked.

Wisewebwoman said...

Thanks for sharing this Annie. I too have no closets upstairs and it was my wonderful handiman who suggested my upstairs utility room could also be my walk in closet. Bingo. I love taking my freshly laundered clothes and just hanging them up without any running around with laundry baskets!
I love the idea of a loom room and your kitchena and living room are amazing!

20th Century Woman said...

Ah, that's my kind of place. Comfortable, cozy, better organized than I could make it, and full of things that have meaning for you that you have put together over the years.

I want to see what kind of pictures you put up.

It must be a wonderful feeling to finally be settled.

Barbara Anne said...

Oh Anne! What a perfectly perfect, cozy, and welcoming home for you to be back in. Cheers that there's a place for your loom, too.

Will you please consider enlarging and framing some of your wonderful photographs to hang on these walls?

I hope your friends who own the cabin you rented the last two summers are nearby and that this home is conveniently located near many other friends.

I'm happy you're home!


Paul said...

Very comfy and cozy looking.