Sunday, September 2, 2018

Wednesday September 2, 1998 - Nova Scotia


I booked some time on the computer at the library and then went to The Odd Book and picked up a couple of books, "The Great Code" and a book on crewel embroidery. Fritz and I spent some time talking about Ken Wilbur's and Daniel Dennett's ideas about consciousness. I also read a book by Colin Wilson on Atlantis and the Sphinx which provoked a discussion on scientific method, reductionism and so forth. Wilson is fascinating and frustrating—very interesting ideas and total disregard for logical argument. Unfortunately Wilbur is similar, in my opinion. Since I have lots of time now I am doing a lot of reading. I finished "Fall On Your Knees" which was good, and tried to start "Angela's Ashes" but couldn't. I called Marilyn to arrange lunch tomorrow.

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