Monday, May 19, 2008

She's leaving home...

I'm just about all packed, but it has taken the whole weekend! Can't believe how much I have to do to get ready to leave. But, it's done. Tomorrow I leave for Tim and Laurene's, spend the night there, then on to Nova Scotia.

Today is Firecracker Day, aka Victoria Day, Queen Victoria's birthday. Here in Ontario it's close to Canada Day in importance, the first long weekend of the summer, the first chance for all the little firebugs to set off firecrackers to their hearts' content. Although it is quite cold now, unseasonably so.

Now that we got all our plants in the ground we are worrying that they might freeze, even though the Victoria Day weekend is supposed to be safe. That's the second important thing about the old Queen's birthday, it's the official garden planting weekend at least here in Ontario. Supposed to be well clear of chances of frost. Huh! Hear that weatherman?

Well, so long Toronto, will miss you.

Oh I almost forgot, I wanted to post a photo of the folks I work with at the foodbank. I took this picture at the end of last week's shift. Gonna miss these guys too.

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Have a great magical mystery tour and keep on bloggin'