Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The last leg

This post covers the period of November 17 - 20, 2010, the trip from Toronto Ontario to Wolfville Nova Scotia.

I ended up leaving Toronto a day later than planned. The week before my doctor had sent me off for a round of standard tests, the kind that you are supposed to do periodically. I had not expected that but rather than explain the situation to her I just went off and did it. Well, it turned out one of those tests had a questionable result and they phoned to make an appointment for me to do some follow-up testing.

I told the lady that I was leaving the city that very day and so would do the follow-up in Nova Scotia, she freaked and strongly advised me to hang around for the appointment, the next week. I said that was just not in the cards.

So the lady in question asked me to give her an hour or so while she made some calls, and then called me back to say she had me rescheduled for that afternoon. Reluctantly I agreed and postponed my leaving until the next day.

As it turned out, the follow-up test was negative, there was no problem after all. I suppose I should have been relieved, but mostly I was just annoyed at having spent my day in a medical facility and postponed leaving for nothing.

The thing is, I had been carefully following the weather along my route and I knew I had a brief window of fair weather if I left as planned, now that window was closed. If I hung around for another week another window might have opened, but all this waiting is starting to get to me. So I left first thing the next day.

My plan was, drive to Ottawa and stay with a friend there over night, then drive from there to Nova Scotia in a day and a half, with one night on the road somewhere in New Brunswick. I did manage to do that with clear weather all the way, but it was bloody cold. And I had one of the coldest nights I have ever spent, at an Irving Big Stop near Fredericton.

The catalytic heater I bought worked fine, but the stupid butane lighter I bought to start it with did not. Fortunately I had matches as a backup which was fine just before going to bed, but when I woke up with frozen feet a few hours later, I managed to also freeze my hands fumbling with the matches trying to light the heater again. Crawling back into the sleeping bag piled with blankets didn't help, so I was up well before dawn and back on the road just to warm up. The kind overnight attendant at the Irving gave me my mug of coffee for free.

The upside I guess is that I arrived at my destination just after noon that day, a good hour before the snow started. And I got to watch a pretty impressive sunrise. Not only was the southeast lit up with red and purple clouds but the northwest was also lit up with a purple glow. There was one sundog to the east of the rising sun, but its western mate not apparent in the dark snow clouds in that direction.


Barbara Anne said...

Hi Anne,

Glad to know the follow-up test was negative. A bother to wait that extra day with the iffy winter weather lurking, but better - perhaps - to know there's no problem with your health. Okay, I'm a nurse so I mean it, but don't intend to be preachy.

Sorry you got so cold despite your multiple covers and other preparations for warmth. I'm glad you got free coffee from a kind soul!


20th Century Woman said...

I only recently found out about sundogs, and actually saw a couple on the dog walk.

You are a brave woman to do this alone! Bravo for Age!