Friday, November 26, 2010

More waiting

I am not a good waiter. I am having a very hard time with keeping my spirits up. The weather is just great for feeling sorry for oneself, it alternates between snow and rain, with the odd period of just plain overcast and cold.

I try to keep busy, I make lists of things I should do before I move into my house and then attempt to do some of them. But it's a tough slog.

The last couple of days I have gotten a library card, made appointments for various move-in things to be done (phone, furnace inspection, blah blah blah) and done an awful lot of window shopping for needed furniture items. The selection is poor and the prices high. Oh for an Ikea!!

I am not sleeping well, I have a hard time getting myself moving because I just don't feel like it. And I keep counting the days. Time crawls backwards it seems like.

And I worry. What godawful things are the tenants doing to all my stuff in the house?!? The property manager assures me they are good tenants but I don't care, they have my stuff and I don't. They have my house and I don't.

I feel like this is all one big fat mistake and it's too late to do anything about it. I hate it.

So, it's the 26th and I have five more sleeps to go. When you are not sleeping well the nights are very long, and five nights seem like just this side of eternity. And apparently the weather will not be any better for some time to come.

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