Thursday, November 25, 2010


Arrived. Arrived but not quite home yet. The tenants in my house will be out on the 29th and the property manager wants the 30th to ensure everything is shipshape for my move-in.

The truck is loaded to the gills with my stuff and the kayak sits on the roof, waiting. It is getting snowed and rained upon but there's no place to put it so what can you do. Mike tells me that it should be no big deal, another week of this shouldn't be a problem.

I called my mechanic to discuss the fate of the truck, he wants to "give it a listen" because he doesn't think things are as bad as I think they are. Besides, he says, we can just plop another engine into it, shouldn't cost me more than $1500 or so.

I'm thinking, Yeah but, a new vehicle with new features (and reliability!!!) would be kinda nice...

Of course a mechanic would rather see the old truck repaired and saved than a new vehicle that doesn't need repairin'.

I long for the good old days when I could set out across the continent without wondering what terrible truck breakdowns I am letting myself in for this time.

But then, sitting here at my friend's house waiting for the day when I can move into my own place, I start doing the back-of-the-envelope calculation of how long my money will last me, what can I afford and where do I have to start cutting corners. The net result is, my travelling days may be over. Unless I come up with a new source of income.


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