Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Biking the Spit

A couple of weekends ago it was too nice to stay indoors so I decided to bike out the Leslie Spit, just to see it. I could have biked from here to there but thought it might be a little further than I really wanted to go on the first time out on my bike this year, so I put the bike on my bike rack and drove to Cherry Beach and biked from there.

On the Martin Goodman trail from Cherry Beach to the Spit I passed a raccoon sound asleep in the crotch of a tree. He was rolled up into such a tight ball, I couldn't tell which end was the front!

As it turned out, my camera battery was low, so I only took the one photo. This is the view of downtown Toronto from the Spit. The trees across the water are on Toronto Island, between the Spit and Toronto Harbour.

The Spit is an artificial point of land built up from land fill, I don't think it existed when I was a kid growing up in Toronto. And it looks like land fill, great chunks of concrete everywhere, a thin skim of soil over it all. Trees have grown up on it and a lot of wildlife has moved in, thousands of seabirds and at least one beaver family. The trail is nice, but it still really feels like land fill. A semi-wild look to it but something a bit off about it. Also, the smog hanging over Toronto was really clear, I didn't like looking at it. That's what I live in!

At one point I saw this almost perfectly round concrete "boulder" on the roadside, with two human hands carved onto it. Weird. You see odd bits of concrete sculpture here and there from old office buildings.

A small pond had a beaver lodge in its centre, with several girdled trees around the edge; the beavers have been busy. Sitting by the pond were four guys with cameras on tripods and binoculars at the ready, in case the beavers should show up. Out on the water around the Spit, thousands of Goldeneyes and a few swans.


Anonymous said...

Somewhat of a coincidence that you would post that photo. Last night I was watching a program on television about how the Great Lakes were probably formed.

When discussing Lake Ontario they mentioned the fact that the CN Tower rises a few inches each year due to the entire land mass slowly rising due to geological activity.

Zabetha said...

Ah ha! So it may one day regain its title as the tallest built structure in the world! Or something...

Anonymous said...

Love your energy to get out there and do so many interesting things! Again, love your descriptive writing and narrative.

I think many people wouldn't have noticed the raccoon. I've seen one curled up and it is really impossible to know which end is which!

Any plans to head north, south, east, or west in the coming months?


Zabetha said...

Hi Barbara Anne

I think that raccoon was sleeping there because it knew no one would notice it! I tend to be out and about by myself, so have nothing better to do than look around at stuff! Although when I am out with people I tend to drive them batty by constantly interrupting the conversation with Look at That! Look over there! Did you see that?

Plans right now are pretty fluid but they do involve getting on the road at some point. People keep asking me when and my stock answer is, When the weather gets good. That answer is wearing a bit thin though, now that the weather is getting good. So far I am planning to go east, April-May-ish. That's about as specific as it gets right now!

Hugs to you my friend, Anne

Barbara Anne said...

Isn't it lovely to have plans that can be fluid? You're not limited by x number of available vacation days or by fear! What a blessing to be sure of yourself and to have an adventurous spirit.

Hugs to you, my friend!