Monday, March 23, 2009

Dobby goes to the beach

Tristan and I took Dobby to the beach on Sunday afternoon.

Dobby was delighted to be there, he ran in great bounding circles on the sand from sheer joy. Chased a few seagulls and dug lots of holes. He even found a coconut to play with!

Coconuts washing up on the beach of Lake Ontario?!?

For quite a long time Dobby engaged in mysterious behaviour at the water's edge, apparently digging for something in the water. He even stuck his nose right under the water. Mysterious indeed for a dog that hates the water!

The concrete wall in the water is the breakwater, it protects the shoreline from getting eroded away in storms. It also provides a convenient and safe perch for seagulls.

The lines drawn on the sand of the beach are Tristan's, he was drawing a picture of a werewolf. No, it wouldn't help if I showed a photo of the whole drawing, I only know that it was supposed to be a werewolf because he told me that. When we arrived at the beach, Tristan quickly stripped off his winter coat and shoes and socks, but after a few minutes he had to put them back on again, a little colder than it looked!

The gentleman in the background of this picture is an engineer from Budapest, Hungary. He is in Toronto for three weeks helping to build a 3G network for Telus Communications. He watched Dobby for quite a long time, surreptitiously taking photos when he thought I wasn't looking. Finally he came over to talk to me, asking about Dobby.

He's alone here; he was sitting in his hotel room on Sunday afternoon and he looked at a map of the city and noticed that there was a Budapest Park, so he thought he would come and check it out. I didn't know that was the name of this part of the Toronto lakeshore beach, but after he told me that I saw the sign by the beach,"Budapest Park". He said that Budapest at this time of year is usually a little warmer than Toronto, but they were having a bit of snow now. I told him he is lucky he came this year and not last year, last year at this time there would have been a foot of snow on the ground!

After the beach we were hungry, Tristan remembered that we passed a MacDonald's on the way and he wanted to go there to eat. I told him I was sorry but there was no way I was eating at a MacDonald's. He said that his Mom told him that it was OK to eat there if you only ate a little bit, I again said I was sorry, I wasn't worried about the safety of the food I just really didn't like it. We went to the Stampede Grill for burgers and fries and real lemonade (I watched the woman make it from the lemons in the big basket on the counter) instead.


20th Century Woman said...

Sounds like a terrific outing and I am absolutely with you on the subject of MacDonald's.

Anonymous said...

What a great day you, Tristan, and Dobby had!! You added joy to a lonely man far from his home, too.

I'm also with you on McDonald's.