Saturday, March 7, 2009

Gender studies

Conversation with Phelan:

Is Phelan a boy?
-- Yes, Phelan is a boy.

Is Dobby a boy?
-- No, Dobby is a dog!

Is your Daddy a boy?
-- No, Daddy is Isaac!

Is Tristan a boy?
-- No, Tristan is a brother!


Anonymous said...

Hi Anne,

You certainly can't argue with Phelan's logic! Cute!!


Steven said...

That's a great building! Love the wall...can we see it from across the street?

Zabetha said...

Barbara Anne, yes he is cute, he hasn't quite figured out that something can belong to two categories at once, and there is definitely no arguing with him!

Steven, crossing the street wasn't an option then, but I have one other photo of that mural that I'll post shortly. It's only a partial view though. The mural is by Jose Ortega, a local artist and businessman. There are several more like it in the neighbourhood.