Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I wish I could teach Dobby to tell time.

Then I'd say, Go look at the clock, it's not time for your walk yet!


Anonymous said...

Hi Anne -

I hear you! If you find a way to teach Dobby, please come up with a cat lesson so you can enlighten me on how to teach Tom the Tri-color male. He has 8am on the brain and Lord help us all when Daylight Savings time starts or stops. Aaaaaaaaaaugh!


20th Century Woman said...

Somehow our dogs seem to be able to tell time. They know when it's time for the walk, time for the nap, and time for bed. They specially know when it's time for dinner. If things get delayed they get unbearable.

Zabetha said...

Yes they are pretty smart, sometimes irritatingly so! I think Dobby has a pretty good idea of when walk time is, but he really wants to push it up a bit.

Barbara Anne, if I ever learn to teach Dobby to read a clock I'm gonna start a new career and BE RICH, I tell ya, RICH!!!