Monday, November 9, 2009

Nov 9, 1965: The Blackout

I just read in the New York Times that 44 years ago on this day was one of the great eastern North America blackouts. I was 17 then, in high school, and I remember that day. The Toronto subway went past our neighbourhood, and for a few blocks it was in an open-air but below-grade trench. It's covered over now I think.

I remember walking out to one of the bridges over the subway and looking down to see a train jam-packed with evening rush-hour commuters stalled in that trench. No lights, nothing moving, just a train full of people so crowded that many could not sit down.

In those days I often took the subway to school, but frequently walked home afterward. I do not remember whether I took the subway home that day or not, if so, I was very lucky that the blackout did not occur earlier in the day.

Every time I hear about blackouts, I think of that scene.

On November 9 2009 (today) it is supposed to go up to 18C. A far more pleasant prospect. I'd like to do something to make it a memorable day but unfortunately I scheduled a medical appointment smack in the middle of the afternoon. Not exactly memory-making material!

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Barbara Anne said...

I remember this, too, and remember the amazing statistic of how many babies were born 9 months later!

Let's see, I was 14 and a freshman in high school.