Saturday, November 21, 2009

Speaking of critters...

We knew we had mice in the house, it's that time of year and the evidence has been mounting. Yesterday afternoon I caught movement out of the corner of my eye and sure enough, there was a tiny mouse scurrying between the closet door and the heat vent in my livingroom.

Throughout the afternoon and early evening I caught glimpses of this tiny creature (or one of its peers!) in various places in the livingroom and hallway. As the room darkened (I'm not a big fan of bright lights after dark) the mouse got bolder and forayed into the middle of the room, inches from my feet. I wondered if it was a youngster, it's head was at least half of its total size.

Later I saw it heading into my bedroom and that worried me, I was not up for dealing with it in my bed! However, chasing mice is counterproductive and I have no traps.

Later still, Gretel found a dead mouse at the foot of my stairs. We surmise that Dobby got it. Having gotten to know this particular mouse a little bit, I was somewhat saddened by its abrupt demise. But I am glad that Dobby takes his vermin-catching responsibilities seriously.

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