Thursday, November 5, 2009

Back in town

Hi everybody, I am back in Toronto after an uneventful drive from Wolfville, Nova Scotia. Arrived on Hallowe'en in time to see the streets filled with costumed people and swirling leaves, quite dramatic. Unfortunately the grandkids were down and out, 'flu in the household. I suppose it's H1N1 (the "Hyny flu"), that seems to be the going flavour right now. In any case Tristan recovered quickly and technically did not need to miss any school as he came down with it on Friday night and was better by Sunday night. But it just seemed too cruel to make a kid stay home on Hallowe'en AND not get to miss a day of school due to illness, so he got Monday off.

The second box I mailed home was left on the porch overnight when it arrived, and someone broke into it and made off with a few items. While I did not pack anything of great monetary value in that box it nevertheless contained items I was not happy to lose. Since I didn't inventory the box before I mailed it, I couldn't tell right away what was missing, but have been discovering the losses bit by bit. Rather painful I am afraid, I would rather have known all of what was missing right away, grieved it and moved on. But instead I get to realize each day another missing item which throws me into a bad mood each time. I am hoping I've discovered all the losses by now. While the replacement cost to me comes to around $300, the resale value to the thief is probably under $50. My credit card has taken a hit too, truck repairs topped $1300 this billing period, and I bought a round-trip flight to Vancouver as well. So I won't be rushing out to replace everything that is missing, at least not in this billing period.

To top it off, now that I am back in the land of high speed internet I thought I would spend an hour or two catching up on blogs that I have had to ignore while on dial-up. And was rather shocked to discover that someone "borrowed" a photo of mine without acknowledging it. Maybe that's not a big deal, maybe I am just in the bad mood initiated by the thefts, but it bothered me. I posted a comment on her blog to let her know that I didn't like it, I haven't heard back from her so maybe she doesn't care. I got a great kick out of Cyberspace Dawdler asking to use my outhouse photos on his blog, and I happily agreed. If this blogger had asked to use my photo on her blog and had acknowledged where she got it from, I think I would have been happy to agree to that too.

It hasn't all been bad, there have been some nice things happen too. Isn't it funny how the bad chases out the good?

Good things:

I visited the renovated Bloor-Gladstone branch of the Toronto Public Library and it is marvelous. And, it turns out my favourite Toronto librarian is now working there, so we had a nice little chat. This is a move up for her and she is very happy about it.

Dobby has put on some weight and looks terribly handsome. He gave me an ecstatic welcome when I walked in the door.

I love my apartment, it's good to be back.

I love all the local dogs, including the fellow in my new banner above, Grover. He lives at the corner of my street and has a wonderful view from his bench on the porch. And he is still King of the Dogpark.

Phelan got a haircut and he looks terribly handsome too. Think Prince Valiant, only blond.

Tristan turns 8 years old today! He had a very mild case of the 'flu and is completely recovered and looking great.


Barbara Anne said...

Welcome home!

So sorry about the loss of the stolen items. Thievery stinks and is rotten, no matter who did it. It is just "stuff" but it should all still be your stuff. Bummer!

Glad the boys are okay after their brush with the flu.

Happy Birthday, Tristan!


20th Century Woman said...

Glad you're back. I'm "back" for a few days myself, but soon to be gone again to New Zealand.

So sorry about your loss. My daughter's boat in England was broken into, the boat she lives on, and since she is here with me until after Christmas she can only imagine most of what the thieves have taken. What an unpleasant homecoming it will be for her.

Annie said...

Thanks Barbara, although only one of them has had it so far, and the other started the day off with heavy coughing, not a good sign...

20CW, oh that is awful, I feel for your daughter. I heard about the theft of stuff from my box before I left NS and that feeling of impending doom was hard to shake. I think I am pretty much recovered now, I haven't realized one new lost item today so I hope those zingers are done. I hope your daughter is able to enjoy Christmas somewhat in spite of the unpleasantness.

Wisewebwoman said...

So sorry to hear of your loss Annie, it is not necessarily the monetary value that can enrage us but the time and care too.
Glad to hear you're in TO, I arrived today on Porter, my driving days are done. I'm here for 2 weeks.

Alan G said...

Welcome back oh ye of many trails and tales. Get some rest. Really glad the flu cases weren't of a serious nature.

Dorothy said...

I hate it when people justify stealing and I wish you a wonderful Sunday filled with little surprises like the wonderful photos you take.

Blessings, and good cheer.

Dorothy from grammology

Annie said...

Thanks Alan, thanks Dorothy.

Rest? What's that? :-))