Saturday, October 24, 2009

Three pools

I'll be off for awhile. Last trips to Mahone Bay and Cape Breton before heading back to Toronto, don't expect to have time to post here until I get to Toronto. I've spent the last couple of days packing the truck and there's still more to do, but I am leaving tomorrow morning.

It hailed and sleeted this morning and now it's howling out, and I am listening to Matt Anderson on Holger Petersen's Saturday Night Blues. My favourite blues man.

This is a favourite spot of mine on the Fraser Brook. We used to call it the Three Pools, but it isn't really three pools. Its main feature is a water slide into the pool at the bottom. When my kids were little we used to come down here in the summer and the kids would slide into the pool while the adults sunned themselves on the rock beside the pool.

Sheila had never been here before, so I took her and her daughter Jana down here the other day. We had to cross someone else's property to get here, but he didn't mind. Sheila has lived in the Harbour for many years and never knew about this spot.

We had a potluck lunch at Valerie's on Friday, it was very fine. Curried squash soup, hummus and pita bread, chicken stirfry, marinated tomato slices on white rolls, and cake and tea. The dog walk ladies gave me a going away card, but Nancy said it wasn't really a going away card, it was a come back again card. Sherry told a horrific story about having hornets in her house walls, she figured she had already killed hundreds and they were still going strong. While she was having lunch with us, the exterminator was trying to find the hornet's nest. She said if any kids showed up at her door on Hallowe'en as hornets, she'd squash 'em.


Barbara Anne said...

What a lovely setting for the three pools and what a gift you gave Sheila and her daughter to share this special place with them. Methinks the photo of the pools is one that should be enlarged for your wall in Toronto. Perhaps?!

Have a wonderful time with friends en route home and I wish you safe travel. From the sleet and wind of last night, it seems you're headed home just in the nick of time.

Indeed, the East will call for you come before you know it!


Wisewebwoman said...

Safe journey back Annie, may your goddess go with you!
Lovely pics and memories and so good of you to share, brings it all alive again!