Thursday, October 15, 2009

If you love this planet

Today is Blog Action Day, and the theme this year is Climate Change.

The other day I listened to Anne Marie Tremonte interviewing Tim Flannery on her CBC radio show about his new book, Now or Never, an interview that I was looking forward to hearing because I have read another of his books, The Weather Makers, and was quite impressed. However, preoccupied with more immediate issues in my life, I only caught maybe an eighth of the interview. I did manage to catch the last thing he said which I thought was very cool. He was talking about why we need to act on climate change immediately and decisively. He said that ours is a very rare planet, the only intelligent planet that we know of. There may be others out there, but so far ours is the only one we know of. He said an intelligent planet is rare, unique and Worth It. We need to do whatever it takes to save it for that reason alone.

So then later I was on the internet and found a link to an interesting article about ritual. The article is quite long and I did not read it all---I'll read more later---but at one point the author, Charles Eisenstein, talks about falling in love with our planet.

He says, "I believe that everyone knows in his or her heart that we are indeed connected, interdependent for our very being, and that we are coming into co-creative partnership with a planet we are falling madly in love with."

That rings true for me. Sometimes I think I am so lucky to be alive, to be witnessing what is going here, on this planet, with all these people and all these living things and all this beauty. We are so lucky. And I think it relates to what Tim Flannery is saying, that this is an intelligent planet and worth any effort to save. You have to be madly in love to say something like that.

I think there's been a tipping point, more and more people are waking up to what we stand to lose if we don't do something pretty darn soon. Unfortunately politicians and corporate direction setters are a little slow, a little more concerned about the financial cost of doing something. However I do believe that both are concerned about public image, and therefore subject to the influence of mounting protest by The People waking up.

It's important. It's worth it. We stand to lose not just a few endangered species or a way of life, we stand to lose a whole planet. And that will be a very shameful thing to lose. The more people fall madly in love with this planet, the more chance we have to save it.

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