Monday, October 19, 2009

This time of year

Still haven't heard the last of the medical mystery and I am abandoning the whole issue. It occurs to me that the shortage of medical isotopes due to Chalk River shutting down is impacting how fast they can schedule me for a CT scan; when I called the clinic they mentioned that they were triaging appointments so I'm guessing I am way down on the priority list. Personally I take that as good news, they must not think my situation is serious. Nor do I, so I am fine with skipping the whole thing.

The squirrels are having some drama. Not sure exactly, but I think they have another squirrel trying to move in on them. Lots of noise and teeth-clicking going on, and running in and out. They completely ignore me when I remind them of their promise to keep quiet.

With the truck I negotiated the minimum in repairs, which meant no undercoat, but then I changed my mind so now I have to go back for that. Annoying but my own fault.

I want to visit friends in Cape Breton, but their schedule is that they are too busy for visitors between Thursday and Sunday. The only window of opportunity is Monday to Wednesday, and it takes a day to drive there. I could have gone today, except that the only undercoating time slot I could get was either Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. Although after cancelling out on the Cape Breton trip they then told me I could come in on Tuesday of next week for the undercoating. That would have worked better, but it's too late now.

So I am still trying to figure out when to go back to Toronto. I could drive up to Cape Breton next Monday, stay for a couple of days and then leave from there, but that will add an extra day of driving to the trip to Toronto.

Or I could go to CB, return here, and then leave from here right around Hallowe'en.

NOT! If you need to know anything about Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, it's


No way, no how!

OK, more pics.

This is the little red maple tree in my 'front yard'. It lights the whole place up on the darkest dullest days.

One day the moon was up on a bright sunny day.

My outhouse (now why would I need a curtain? that reflection is curtain enough!)

The Fraser Brook (the other major brook in these woods) down in the vault...

...and up close, looking upstream...

...and down.

In a normal year this brook runs almost dry by August, but this year it has looked like these pics pretty much since July. Except for the yellow leaves of course, that's recent.

And a bright yellow shelf fungus on red rotting wood.

I'm glad I stayed here until now, in spite of the various frustrations. As the guy who delivered my firewood said, This time of year make's it all worthwhile. I've been repeating that comment to everyone I meet around here, it's become a bit of a joke now, people are starting to say it back to me.

This time of year makes it all worthwhile!


Barbara Anne said...

Amen! I want to tell everyone who has lived here for years and no longer appreciates the glories of autumn "WAKE UP! LOOK!!! It's so very beautiful!!!"

We came here from TX where autumn is one day in December when all the leaves fall off of the trees. Oh, and our little maple tree finally changed into its autumn colors. We appreciate autumn!

Hope you figure out when it's safe to go back to Toronto!


Annie said...

That's kind of ironic, Barbara Anne, when I spent a year in Yellowknife, 'north of 60', autumn lasted slightly longer, a long weekend (Labour Day). I was sick that weekend so I missed it! I never saw things change so fast as I did that weekend, lovely warm summer into frigid arctic winter!

Who knew TX and NWT had that in common!?!