Saturday, October 17, 2009

A walk in the woods (2)

I turned off the road onto a trail by the Yellow Rope Road. So named for the huge yellow rope hanging on the tree by the entrance to the trail. It was there when the land was first bought, back in the '70s, and when it finally rotted away it was replaced with a new yellow rope. I don't know how many times it has been replaced, and I am sure no one knows why there was a rope on that tree in the first place...

The trail goes deep into the woods

It widens into an avenue...

A fork in the trail, filled with bracken. I took the left fork...

The woods get denser, the trail narrows

...and narrower

Trail along the edge of the vault. If you step a foot to one side you can't see the trail at all, it just disappears in the trees.

Tiny red berries

Step moss

Moss on a tree stump

More moss!


Alan G said...

All three (3) of your posts generate a great 'show-and-tell' Annie!

I especially like this section with the trail/path through the woods. Think I will put that trail on my 'bucket list'! I'm a moss person and I love all of the moss covering everything....

Barbara Anne said...


"I took the one less travelled by ...."


Annie said...

Well, Alan, let me know when you get to that part of your list and I'll give you a tour! As a fellow moss person I would be happy to show you the mossiest parts of these woods.

To whet your appetite, I refer you to something I posted last year.

Barbara Anne, I thought of that poem too when I came to that fork in the road. My choice was a little more pragmatic though, last time I got lost in the woods here I was heading off to the right, so now I always go left!

June Calender said...

Thanks for all the beautiful woodland pictures. Perhaps this is the very best time of year for such walks.