Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Red and yellow

The berries above are from the rowan tree (mountain ash). They start out orange and deepen to red.

The red leaf is from the red maple.

The yellow flowers are jerusalem artichokes, I see them everywhere now. They used to be cultivated, now they proliferate as "weeds". Eventually the field these flowers grow in will be filled with them. Ruth and Nancy say that when all civilization collapses (an event considered imminent here) we will all be out in that field foraging for the roots of these lovely flowers...


Barbara Anne said...

Lovely pictures of some of the decorations this season brings to our hemisphere this time of year. This far south of you, our trees are just beginning to turn and the nights are blanket chilly. This may be my favorite time of year, and it's certainly why I need to live where there are four seasons.

Enjoy the beauty around you!

Now about the collapse of civilization you speak of...? Yikes!


Wisewebwoman said...

Oh cheery pics to brighten this damp and foggy day.
yes, we will be foraging and only 5% of us are awake to it.
Have you a recipe for the artichokes?