Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall full on

The woods are all colours now, red, yellow, green, brown. We've had a lot of wind and rain so the leaves are falling, the view into the woods is opening up. You can see much further now. The lay of the land is more visible, the little hills and valleys in the woods. And of course the two brooks are flowing full. At night the brook in the vault below this house is very loud, it just roars. I look down there and see it in full flood between the trees.

Tonight I was down in the Harbour and the waterfall at the end of the brook was huge. The tide was in, the waves covered the entire beach in the Harbour, and a little red motor boat rocked crazily by the rocks that used to be the wharf. The stars were just starting to come out.

The yellow and red of the trees colour the air, when the sun shines the air is golden, everything glows. When it rains the gold drips into the green and brown.

Lots of orange and brown caterpillars now, they are all headed somewhere, I don't know where. Sheila and I shuffle them off the road so the dogs don't trample them.

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Barbara Anne said...

Great pictures and I love the reflecting puddle!