Monday, October 6, 2008

An afternoon on the north shore

I went to visit my friends Morrie and Sher at their home in North Vancouver on Sunday. Since I last saw them, Morrie has come down with pneumonia! He is somewhat better now, but quite fatigued.

Sher and I were going to take the dogs for a walk in the woods but it started to rain and the two little dachshunds really were not happy about that. So we took them all home and as soon as we left the house again, this time intending to go for coffee, it stopped raining and we changed our minds and went for that walk in the woods without the dogs.

Sher felt guilty about leaving them behind, especially Raven who really would have enjoyed it, but I have to say I was secretly glad to walk in the woods without the dogs. It was most enjoyable.

Later we went to the White Spot for veggie burgers. I was quite stuffed when we left there, I felt like I was going burst a button on my jeans!

We went back to their house and watched an old movie with Morrie, I don't remember the name but it was a Cary Grant film. Jayne Mansfield played the classic dumb blonde that Hollywood used to love, wiggling her butt and talking in a high pitched squeal.

This also was most likely a last time visit, I might see them again before I leave but I don't know. It's hard to leave friends.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anne,

The woods are amazing, as if some dinosaur might wander out of the woods! I had no idea that woods like that existed so far north. Amazing!

Wishing Morrie well and more hugs to you as you take leave of these dear friends!

I'm enjoying tagging along!

Zabetha said...

Oh Barbara, the woods are truly amazing here! It's a temperate rain forest, full of moss and ferns and mushrooms and HUGE trees. And amongst the trees are the rotting old stumps of trees cut down in the last century, and they are GIGANTIC. This forest extends all the way up the coast into Alaska. The feeling of ancientness just drips from the trees. You're right, it really is as if some dinosaur might wander out from behind a giant tree.