Saturday, October 4, 2008

Island in the rain

entrance display at Glendale GardensI went back to Brentwood Bay to visit Peter and Pat again this week. Peter was going to install new shocks on the truck and his friend John arranged an appointment for my truck to get transmission service at a shop he recommended.

So on Wednesday I took the ferry from Tsawwassen to Schwarz Bay.

the zen gardenI was intending to catch the 3:00pm ferry, and I thought I had left New Westminster in ample time to make that ferry, but apparently mid-day mid-week is a busy time! I had to wait for the 5:00pm ferry.

Fortunately I arrived in time for one of Pat's wonderful meals, a roast of pork with vegetables and salad.

Bike ride to Todd Inlet

the mower robotOn Thursday morning we took the truck in for the transmission service, but Peter could not install the shocks because they had not arrived yet. John was supposed to have ordered them but it turns out he hadn't so they wouldn't arrive until Friday.

Island life: sometimes you just have to wait for stuff.

I went for a lovely bike ride in the nearby provincial park, through the woods and down to Todd Inlet. This is the inlet that Peter and I kayaked in the last time I visited Brentwood Bay.

I wish I had brought my camera, it was so beautiful. The water of the inlet was like glass, and there was a mist drifting down from the trees. I could see delicate white jellyfish in the water, and the faint outline of a large fish swimming deep in the water. This time of year is exquisite here!

Watching the leadership debate

garden gnomeIn the evening we watched part of the leadership debate on TV, it was very interesting. Elizabeth May was so good! Very impressive! And it was a beautiful moment seeing her wagging her finger at Stephen Harper, like a mother to a naughty little boy. My favourite moment though was her accusing Stephen of fraud. Someone asked her to repeat the comment in French and in a very terrible French accent she said, "Fraud. Fraud!" Quite funny.

zen garden back wallGilles Duceppe was good too, but I guess that since both Elizabeth and Gilles haven't a snowball's chance in hell of becoming the next Prime Minister, they are both free to speak their minds without worrying about how many votes they will win or lose. It was hard to be impressed by either Dion or Layton, much as I would have liked to have been.

A walk in the garden

Pat in the rainOn Friday Peter got the new shocks and went to work on my truck, while Pat and I went off to the Glendale Gardens and Horticultural Centre of the Pacific. It rained most of the time we were there but it was still most enjoyable. All of the pictures today are from there. Glendale is small compared to its much more famous neighbour, the Butchart Gardens, but it is well laid out and is a working garden for the Horticultural College. Pat is a member and can use their extensive and wonderful gardening library, and take courses at the College.

New shocks

Himalayan HoneysuckleInstalling the shocks took more time than Peter expected but I was nevertheless able to catch the 5:00pm ferry back to Tsawwassen without any problem. I would have thought there would more likely be delays on a Friday rather than a Wednesday, but not so.

Peter noted that one of the old shocks he removed from the truck looked different from the others, it had more rust, was more worn out and did not have the same label as the others. We speculated that when I got four shocks put on the truck last June by Canadian Tire, only three in fact were put on. I am not happy about that.

Peter Pat and SpencerI said my good byes to Peter and Pat after a very pleasant couple of days visiting with them.

I don't know when I will see them next, so I left feeling a little sad, I will miss them.

And Spencer the cat too!

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Barbara Anne said...

Hi Anne,

Love the many wonderful pictures you took and the word pictures you write to describe scenes when your camera was elsewhere or was broken as happened in NS.

Yes, seeing old friends is a mixed blessing because it's so wonderful to see them again but you have to begin missing them all over again.

Oh, and a little pox on the person at Canadian Tire who did a shoddy job, replacing 3 instead of the 4 shocks as was expected, ordered, and paid for. Shaking a finger at him!!

Glad you haven't stopped blogging after all!