Tuesday, October 14, 2008

No Thanksgiving weekend

On Saturday Dave, Johanna and I set out for Gambier Island again. This is the Thanksgiving weekend, but we had no plans for a Thanksgiving dinner, we were just going to hang out and relax. We went over in Dave and Johanna's little runabout, then Dave took it back to Horseshoe Bay and caught the ferry to Langdale and then the foot ferry to New Brighton on Gambier Island. Johanna and I went down to meet him at the dock, but he arrived before we did and was already in the little Gambier Island General Store when we got there. So we had soup and beer for lunch at the store. We all walked back to the house. In the evening we had some leftover sausage from the previous evening, and some salad and boiled potatoes.

Sunday was still a nice day, although the weatherman was predicting rain for later in the day. Fortunately the weatherman was wrong. Johanna had some work she wanted to get done so Dave and I went out in their inflatable kayak to explore West Bay. Although there is no road around the bay, there are still quite a few large homes there, so we just cruised around looking at them. We also saw four seals basking on logs in the sunshine. Three of them slipped into the water and disappeared when they saw us, but the fourth must have been deeply asleep, he didn't move. When we were almost next to him he woke up and looked around for his buddies and then at us with a look of surprise on his face. I think he decided it was too late to do anything, and he just stayed on his log as we paddled by.

For dinner we hunted through all the cupboards and fridge to see what was available, and put together a meal of tinned salmon, salad and an omelet.

Sometime during the night the rain started and by Monday morning it had settled in for the duration. We decided to take the 4:00pm ferry back to the mainland, and just read until then. At the New Brighton ferry dock we listened to folks describing their Thanksgiving dinners the night before. As it turned out, the Langdale ferry was quite late, we did not get into Horseshoe Bay until after 6:00pm. But we decided to have dinner at a local restaurant and Dave and I shared a pizza while Johanna had a seafood soup.

It was kind of nice to come home in the rain, knowing that we managed to enjoy a couple of days of sunshine before that!

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