Friday, February 27, 2009

Dogs will be dogs

Last Sunday was Sam's birthday, I called to wish him Happy Birthday (and see if he got my package) (he did). Isaac got on the phone too and we had a long conversation about scuba diving with sea lions (Sam, not me), weather, his work, movies and TV shows, dogs (of course!), and so forth. He said I should bring Dobby to play with his dogs, he thought they would get along well. I pointed out that it was a bit far (like across the continent!), so maybe not tomorrow.

Sam said that his dogs attacked his boss's dog Grizz last week, an unfortunate episode. Grizz was injured and ran off, Sam spent a couple of hours searching for her. She's OK, small wound and thoroughly shaken up, she sure wasn't expecting that attack when visiting Sam. Sam used to take care of her when her owner was out of country and she often came to visit on her own because she got along well with Sam. Before he got his own dogs.

Grizz is a very nice dog, a kind of blond German Shepherd looking dog, and quite old. Her health is failing. She's a bit of a loner, and in her heyday she brooked no interference from other dogs. I once brought my friend's dog Leia to visit and Grizz just about took her head off! But now she is old and the tables are turned. Sam didn't see what happened, but apparently Grizz arrived at the office with Sam's other boss who was looking after her while Boss #1 (Sam has three bosses!) was out of country. Hapi and Hiro came to check her out and she probably growled or snapped at them and they were affronted. When Sam and Boss #2 arrived on the scene Hapi and Hiro were on top of Grizz and Grizz had blood on her coat.

Since that episode Sam says he's had Grizz come stay with him and Hapi and Hiro leave her alone because Sam told them to, but Grizz hides in Sam's bedroom most of the time. Also, Sam took Hapi and Hiro to a local dog daycare for a few hours for observation on how they get along with other dogs and a bit of play therapy. They seem to do OK with other dogs, so hopefully the incident with Grizz was just an isolated occurrence. She's a very sweet dog, but she has never gotten along with other dogs, and Hapi and Hiro are pretty self-sufficient, they don't interact much with other dogs because they have each other.

Sam seemed disappointed when I said I might not be out there this summer, with or without Dobby. Sigh, wish I could afford it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anne,

Yes, dogs will be dogs and there are rules in their society. As with us older folks, I suppose it's difficult for senior dogs when the younger dogs are bigger, faster, and stronger and that is proven to them. Bless Grizz's big heart!

Sam is wise in working with his dogs to make sure they're still okay with other dogs.

It is a bummer to have kids far, far away, isn't it?


20th Century Woman said...

It's really interesting to watch dogs interact. I have 2 toy poodles, a 2 year old, and a 9 year old. They began to live together about a year ago, and they have completely bonded. They have their own routines (like every morning when I have make the bed they get on it and play), and they know our routines and anxiously wait for the next thing.

I know the feeling of having far flung children. Out of 5 only 1 is nearby, and 1 isn't even in the US.

Zabetha said...

Hi Barbara Anne, yes I miss him a lot. No matter where I choose to live there's a long distance problem. What can you do, eh?

Anne, dog relations are totally fascinating. I don't have my own dog right now, I interact with the family dog Dobby for now, and the dogs at the dogpark. It's quite interesting to observe the twists and turns of their various relations, a whole doggie soap opera!

June Calender said...

Anne, thanks for comments on my Big7-0 blog, it lead me here. I love your understanding of dogs' personalities. I also love your self-description on the profile as "itinerant" I've just bookmarked Mzodell's Page and will be looking at it regularaly.

Zabetha said...

Thank you June! I enjoyed your African safari pictures and will visit your other blog to see more of them.