Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bluenose politics (and hockey)

The NDP won in Nova Scotia by a landslide last night. Quite the upset! I went over to Mike and Ruth's after supper and we watched a bit of the coverage on TV. Unfortunately the local MLA lost his seat. He was Conservative but well liked and respected in this riding and in the Harbour in particular. He did well by his constituents here. But the NDP win is a sea-change, it shows the older generation phasing out of politics and the younger generation in, and it also shows the NDP moving closer to centre in its politics from its radical left roots. I am not sure if that is a good thing.

But this is the first time ever for an NDP win east of Ontario. The numbers are 31 NDP, 11 Liberal and 10 Conservative. All three party leaders kept their seats.

One thing I was impressed by was the Leaders' Debate a few days ago. Knowing very little about any of them or their histories, I was impressed by the civility and intelligence of the debate. Ruth said, That's how politics are here, it's a Nova Scotian tradition. Hmmm, OK, I haven't been around long enough to argue that.

When I first came here in 1973, I remember a provincial election in which I lived in a very small farm community, East Margaretsville, and there was an old man living in a shack next door to me. He didn't go out to vote. He waited all day for someone to arrive with a bottle of whiskey to buy his vote, and no one came so he was a tad annoyed and never voted. I was amazed at that, but was told later that the truly amazing thing was that this was the first election that he never got his bottle. I don't know if that's a statement about political reform or the rising cost of booze.

The election results competed with the hockey game for news coverage, last night was a pivotal game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Detroit Redwings. All of Nova Scotia is following this series because of their native son Sidney Crosby (of Cole Harbour) on the Penguins team. The Penguins won, ensuring a final battle between them and the Redwings in the very near future. Apparently Crosby used to practice by hitting pucks up against his Mom's dryer; so last night in Cole Harbour kids were given the opportunity to smack a dryer with a puck in honour of Sidney.

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Barbara Anne said...

We're a Penguins household, too, and are following the Stanley Cup finals with you and all of NS!

Oh, for civility, honor, and fairness in all politics!