Monday, June 1, 2009

Spring in the Harbour

Well you can probably tell from my previous post that I got a card reader and can now upload photos from my camera. So here's a few from the past week.

Sheila has apple and cherry trees on her property, the cherries are in full bloom and the apples are on the verge.



Here's Max, Sheila's corgi, at the next door neighbour's pond. When I used to live in the Harbour there were no ponds, but now several people have ponds, some with fish. No doubt the reason why there's more mosquitoes too.

Wild violets are in bloom everywhere:

My porch and bike. The bike is perfect for getting around here. I used it a lot last year and will again this year, especially since I got it repaired in New Westminster last fall:

The trilliums (Trillium) were past their prime when I arrived, I think they probably bloomed a couple of weeks ago. The ladyslippers (Cypripedium) are just making their appearance, not yet in bloom. The shadbush (Amelanchier) is in bloom, and so is the striped maple. Some early bunchberries (Cornus) and star flowers (Trientalis) are showing blooms, the rest are on their way. Many sarsaparilla (Aralia) are showing balls of green flower buds. The spruces are spewing invisible clouds of pollen, my truck windows are covered in a haze of pollen within minutes of parking it under the trees.

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Barbara Anne said...

Great photos! No doubt you're right about the pond/mosquito connection. I'm forever dumping standing water out of any container where I find it so mosquitoes cannot breed. Harder to dump ponds, of course!

Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you!