Thursday, June 4, 2009

Firewood and photos

Mike wants his wagon back. Last fall Fritz and Carolyn ordered a cord of wood, cut and split, for the house. It was delivered to the foot of their driveway. Mike hauled a wagonload of that wood right up to the house, in hopes of encouraging Fritz to spend time there during the winter. Fritz did come up but not often, so most of the wood was not used and is still in the wagon in front of the house. Mike mentioned that he'd like the wagon back because it needs repairs, so I needed to unload the firewood and stack it somewhere.

I decided to stack it along the northwest wall of the house. I was going to go into town today but it was such a lovely day that I ended up spending most of it emptying the wagon and stacking firewood. I also got four wheelbarrow loads of wood from the pile still out at the foot of the driveway. It felt like an accomplishment.

My phone and internet issues are all resolved, the installer came out twice to install and then troubleshoot the phone line, and I downloaded a driver for the onboard modem in my laptop and that fixed my internet access problem.

Sheila and I have been working on the new blog (The Baxter's Harbour Blog). We are rounding up old photos to post there. Yesterday I brought my scanner to Sheila's house and showed her how to use it. We started with some old brown-and-white photos Sheila had of the Harbour.

In the evening I got some more photos from Mike, and today Sheila has been working on scanning them into the computer. They are really interesting photos, all from the early 1900s before The Great War. There are schooners and the old saw mill and the Baxter's Harbour beach covered in logs. There's one schooner that has a portal in the bow that opens up so they can load logs from the water right into the hold of the ship. There's some kids in a dory showing off the 50-lb fish they caught. There are men shoveling gravel, apparently a common occupation in those days.

There are also group photos of Baxter's Harbour residents, some of whom we knew, though they are dead now. There was Harold McCulley and Wilfred Schofield as kids, And Wilfred's uncle Sam Schofield (I named my youngest son after him) as a young man. I only knew Sam as an older man, he used to come back into the woods on his tractor to visit Mike. While I was moving firewood, Sheila scanned a bunch of these photos so we can put them on the blog. She thinks she can get more photos from other residents.

I phoned an old friend, Lin. We haven't talked since I was here last summer. Last weekend she had an accident, her husband was doing some work that caused a piece of metal to go shooting into her leg. It hit an artery and she was spurting blood in the garden. They had her down on the ground trying to press the wound to stop the bleeding and calling 911 to get an ambulance. Very quickly they had her at the hospital. It all ended well, she's home and OK now but having to use a cane to walk. They were going to operate to remove the metal but the surgeon decided to leave it be for now and see how she does. So far so good.

Yesterday morning a bird hit one of my windows. I went out with my camera and found the poor fellow on the ground under the window, kind of stunned. I got down on the ground to photograph him and watch him. He kept closing his eyes. I'd say, Don't go to sleep, bad idea, stay awake little bird! He'd open his eyes. After about twenty minutes I tried to pick him up and he flew a couple of feet away. Good sign. I tried again and he flew away altogether. I looked him up in my bird book, he is a Tennessee Warbler.

Last year I had a Magnolia Warbler hit my window, this year it's a Tennessee Warbler.

My birdfeeder is being hogged by a blue jay right now, it has eaten up about a third of all the seeds there so far.

I also saw a new bird at Sheila's birdfeeder, I thought it was a blackbird but it was a Common Grackle. That's two new birds on my life list. Sheila says the grackles have a nest on the roof of her husband's tractor. She asked him to build a birdhouse for them but he never got around to it, so the grackles made their nest on his tractor! Guess he won't forget to do it now.

The beach

I went down to the beach on my bike a couple of days ago, first time I've been down this year. I love being in the forest, I forget how nice the beach is too. It was very soothing to walk along the edge of the water with the waves pounding the rocks. The roar is like the wind in the trees, but more steady. The wind in the trees sings, changing tempo and tone, but the waves on the rocks keep a steady rhythm.

Here are some more photos from the last few days.

The pair of ducks that hang out at the neighbour's pond:

They usually sit on the grass right by the water, and when you walk by on the road they ignore you. They don't even mind the dogs, unless they step off the road. The second you step off the road onto the grass, they stand up and slip into the water. I made the mistake of stepping off the road to take this photo, so by the time I clicked the shutter, they were in the water.

Sheila's corgi Max:

And her chocolate lab Moose:


Barbara Anne said...

You'd have been a good pioneer woman since you can move and stack cord wood and all.

So glad your computer woes are over!

Thanks for the interesting history lessons you include here. Keep 'em coming!

Glad your Tennessee Warbler was okay.


Teenage Birder said...

Your Tennessee Warbler is really a female Black-throated Green Warbler.

Annie said...

Hey Teenage Birder, thanx for correction!