Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More music, and stories

I went to yet another musical event, a fundraiser for the Deep Roots Festival that happens in the fall. It was upstairs at the Paddy's Pub in Kentville (there's two Paddys, one in Wolfville and one in Kentville). Carolyn would be performing at 4pm as part of Women of Wolfville, and Mike at 5pm with Rise Up Shannon. We thought we would go for those two performances---the whole fundraiser started at 2pm and went to closing time---and supper. So Rise Up Shannon and a small part of Women of Wolfville and hangers-on (me, Ruth, Midge,...) crowded around a table in the corner for supper. I had the fish cakes, which were really good, and a Paddy's Gaspereau Pilsener. Their pilsener is not exactly what they are famous for, but I like it a lot.

While we ate Caleb Miles and a pick-up band played. I had heard Caleb at the Port Bistro a couple of weeks ago, he played classic and country rock on an acoustic guitar there and was quite good, but tonight he played and sang blues on an electric guitar and he was fabulous.

At one point he mentioned that he lived on the South Mountain, which he called "Bug Mountain". Everyone laughed at that. Bug Mountain is exactly right. We over on the North Mountain avoid the South Mountain as best we can for that reason alone. They've got many great little lakes and rivers, something that unfortunately the North Mountain lacks, but those lakes and rivers come at a huge price, your sanity.

Anyway, Caleb and friends only played for an hour, and we were pretty much finished our dinner by that time and left soon after. Apparently he plays a lot around here so I hope to hear more of him.

One of the Women of Wolfville is a transplanted Newfie, she got up and told a story about curing warts. She said it was a true story, with a little artistic licence. She told the story in Newfie and there were parts of it that you could hardly understand but it was hilarious. At the end she offered to cure anyone there of warts for free if they approached her privately after the show. She was such an excellent storyteller, I loved it.

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