Monday, June 1, 2009

Change in the air

Stormy morning today. Not raining, but dark and windy. I hear that New Brunswick is getting the brunt of this weather system, we're just getting the wind. But the ground is wet so it must have rained during the night. Weatherman says we'll get sun later today.

When I first arrived in Nova Scotia the news was full of the provincial election happening here. The incumbent government is Conservative, with a school teacher, Rodney MacDonald, as Premier. I have not voted in a provincial election since the early oughts, out in BC. I've managed to miss provincial and municipal elections in both BC and Ontario since then, due to moving or being out-of-province at the time. So this might be my first opportunity to vote in a local election.

In the morning news today CBC is saying that the latest poll shows the NDP in the lead, with Liberals in second place and the Conservatives almost certainly in third place. If the NDP wins the election, this will be historic, a first for any Maritime Province (NB, NS, PEI, NL). I am strongly tempted to get registered to vote here, I would love to see the NDP win this one.

I would settle for the Liberals but am definitely rooting for the NDP, and happy to see the Conservatives on the way out. They made some poor strategy choices in this election, choosing to conduct a negative what's-wrong-with-all-the-others campaign rather than a positive what-we-will-do-for-you campaign. And also taking a hard line on crime. They want to make parents financially responsible for their offsprings' criminal acts, a policy that can't go over very well with a lot of parents, a rather large segment of the voting population.

It seems like the NDP often get voted in when everything has gone to hell in a handbasket. As if people are desperate and will try anything at this point, a kind of bottom-of-the-barrel voting strategy. It's too bad really, because then the NDP come into power with the cards stacked against them, almost guaranteeing a return to the old standbys, the Conservatives or Liberals, in the next election. Well, we'll see what happens this time 'round.


Barbara Anne said...

Ain't it da truth? Same here, and you know what a sorry, bad, bad arrogant, fool (and other worse things) of an administration we had for the previous two terms.

Do register to vote!


Zabetha said...

After some thought I've decided not to vote. Turns out the local incumbent is a very good representative but he's the wrong party for me, so I would have a tough time voting for or against. Better just to stay out of it.