Monday, June 8, 2009

First kayak trip of the year

Sunday started out cloudy and looking like rain, but by mid-morning it had cleared and Ruth, Nancy and Sophie and I were preparing to go kayaking out of Kingsport. We had to time our trip with the tide, ideally we wanted to be in the water a couple of hours before high tide and then back out again a couple of hours after high tide. In reality we made it onto the water about half an hour before high tide.

There was a lot of running back and forth as we each remembered what we needed to bring with us, this being the first kayak trip of the year for all but Ruth. We each had our own kayak except Sophie, who borrowed Mike's. Three wooden and one plastic kayak.

We paddled from the beach at Kingsport westward up the Habitant River. We stopped at a beach for lunch, paddled a bit further and then headed back to Kingsport. We had the wind at our back both ways, and went up the river on the incoming tide and back down on the outgoing tide. The wind at the end was gusting very strongly so we hugged the shore to avoid getting swept right out into the Minas Basin by the wind and currents.

It is extremely beautiful, surrounded as we were by that pastoral part of Nova Scotia. In a distant field we could see several horses, one of them, all white, was racing from one end of the field to the other again and again. He seemed to fly like the wind, in the distance looking like some great white bird. It was so wonderful to be out on the water!

When we got back to Kingsport we loaded the four kayaks onto the roofs of the two cars. Nancy and I loaded my kayak on her car roof first and then made the mistake of letting go of it before we had tied it down; a strong wind gust came up and blew it right off the roof! Kind of scary seeing my kayak slide off the car and onto the road, but it was only slightly scratched by the mishap. After that we held on tight until we had both kayaks tied down firmly. Then we went for ice cream cones at the little fish and chips shack at the wharf.

Nancy dropped me and my kayak off in the woods around 4.30pm, tired, salty and very content with the day.


20th Century Woman said...

That sounds about as nice a day as a human being could possibly have. It made me feel happy to read about it. Except the part about the kayak falling off the car.

Tamara said...

Wow- you looked relaxed! The day sounds like a wonderful first adventure of the season for you and your kayak!

Zabetha said...

Yeah it was an idyllic day! Except for the kayak falling... but there's only a small scratch on the kayak and nothing on the car, so it's all good!

Barbara Anne said...

What a rich life you have at the Harbour, and this day is like the cherry on top! Your kayak is back home as you are and together, with friends, you enjoyed all there was to enjoy. That's living!!

So happy for you! Hugs!