Thursday, July 19, 2018

Sunday July 19, 1998 - Saskatchewan

Pike Lake Park - sunny and hot.

I arranged the cab of the truck so Yohan could sit in his old spot behind the bench seat. It is better shaded and gives me a little more space in the front, but means more packing and unpacking of the back of the truck. We went to see hoodoos east of Drumheller, but they weren't as interesting as the ones in Dinosaur Park.

More hoodoos
The scenery was rolling hills, short grass prairie, and beef cattle, some of them long-horned. I drove quite a long way along gravel roads before getting back onto the highway to Saskatoon. What can I say, a prairie highway. I like listening to country and western while driving this kind of highway.

I stayed at Pike Lake Park on the Saskatchewan River. It was expensive: $5 just to get into the park and then $13 for a campsite. But showers were free. I went swimming in the lake, briefly, but it was reedy and not really that nice. The showers have electric eyes that make them turn off and on automatically, and they were nicer than swimming in the lake. But I had to wait a long time in line for a shower. When I finally got back to my campsite it started to rain with thunder and lightning, so I went to bed early. But the mosquitoes bugged me all night, I have to figure out how they're getting in because I thought I had screening over all the windows and gaps.

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