Monday, July 30, 2018

Thursday July 30, 1998 - Quebec

Sainte-Foy - sunny then rainy.

I left Ottawa around 11.30 am. Once again I felt lonely and sad as I usually do when I part company with people I meet or am visiting with. I never get used to it. I got a bunch of touring info at the Quebec border and drove straight through to a campground just west of Quebec City.

It started out sunny and warm but turned rainy and cold. I left the back windows open and my sleeping bag got wet. The campground (Juneau) was expensive ($19.00) and the proprietor put me in a weird site in the trees on what appeared to be a road. Very dark but also very private, which was nice. It started to rain and I put up the tarp which I could stretch to cover part of the picnic table so I had space to cook supper.

Yohan kept wandering off and get soaked before I finally put him inside the truck cab. I went to bed early and spent some time catching up on my trip journal. I think it rained half the night.

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