Sunday, July 29, 2018

Wednesday July 29, 1998 - Ottawa

Sunny and hot.

Today I earmarked for errands since I plan to leave tomorrow. Shopping, paying bills, getting caught up on email, and packing the truck. Liz waited all day for a phone call from her daughter who is currently in Czechoslovakia; the call never came. Yesterday Liz had gotten email from her daughter that the Amex cheques that she sent never arrived. As it turns out, they were returned here and Liz found out she could wire the money if necessary. But frustrating to wait all day for a call that never came.

In the middle of the afternoon I discovered my credit card holder was missing; it had all my bank cards, ID and driver's licence in it. I freaked. After searching the apartment I started phoning stores I'd been to. The Baseline Loblaws had it. A long way to drive in rush hour but what a relief! All my cards and ID were there.

We rented Boogie Nights which was pretty awful. Made the whole pornographic business look pretty abysmal, painfully realistic in parts. A whole lot of dysfunctional people.

It was late by the time the truck was packed and I could go to bed. I gave Yohan a little bit of food, he's allowed to eat now but I am being cautious, I don't want a recurrence.

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