Monday, July 13, 2009

Best-laid plans

Since it was so sunny and warm on Saturday, I thought I'd call Carolyn and see if she wanted to go for a bike ride along the Cornwallis River. But she said she was going to the Paul McCartney concert in Halifax.

So then I talked to Nancy to see if she wanted to go biking along the brow of the mountain, but she was going to see Paul McCartney too, and wanted to know if I would babysit her dog overnight.

Went over to Mike and Ruth's and they were just packing up to go to Lake George for a paddle. Invited myself along. Loaded up my kayak on the truck and drove over to Lake George, about an hour's drive because it is on the South Mountain. Ruth and I had a lovely paddle on the lake, we saw a loon family of two parents and two chicks. The loons started calling loudly when they saw us approaching in the kayaks, but were not in a rush to get away so we got a good long look at them.

Later I went for a swim in the lake. It was quite windy so the water was rough but otherwise warm. My first swim of the year. In the evening after supper I drove home to keep Nancy's dog company, she's OK alone during the day but does not like to be alone at night.

I hear it was a great concert and everyone really enjoyed it. I saw McCartney and Wings in Toronto many years ago, it was a great show but I did not feel the need to spend hundreds of dollars to see him in concert this weekend.

It says something about the music scene here that this concert did not sell out. There were still tickets available at the gate when they opened. There is so much else going on in Nova Scotia music-wise, that even though this is the only concert McCartney will do in Canada on this tour, he was definitely not the only game in town. But I hear he delivered a great performance, as per usual.


20th Century Woman said...

I agree. What you did sounds a lot more fun. I wonder whether I will go swimming this summer. The Pacific is mighty cold, even here in Puget Sound.

Annie said...

Oh yes, the cold north Pacific! Rather like the cold North Atlantic! I grew up in Ontario and spent most summers at a family cottage on a lake, I think swimming in lakes has thoroughly imprinted on me because I love swimming in lakes more than oceans. Even warm oceans. Not that I would turn up my nose at a warm ocean ;-).

Barbara Anne said...

What a lovely day you had tho what you did was not in you initial plans. Methinks your day was the best!


Alan G said...

Saw where Paul was going to be on 'Letterman' last night so I taped it but haven't watched it yet. They were showing bits of their first TV appearance here in America on Ed Sullivan. Still remember watching that show myself. Wasn't a fan at that point and just didn't get why all the girls were going crazy over these Brits! But in the end of course, they won me over big time!

Annie said...

Hi Alan, I'm sure that will be an interesting interview!

I don't know why those girls went so crazy either, maybe it's a crowd thing. I remember that I was completely sold on the Beatles the very first time I heard them on the radio, I bought their album as soon as I could, but I don't recall screaming over them ;-) Maybe if I'd been at the Ed Sullivan show...