Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Turning point

Last evening Fritz came by, probably the first time he's been up here during the summer in a few years. Mostly he comes up in the winter time. He was astounded by how much things have grown up and closed in around the house. We went over to Mike's and had a good conversation about what I am doing here, among other things.

Didn't really resolve the big issues, but we did make a start at it. Essentially I have the go-ahead to start building my little house on a trailer. Where it will finally end up is still a (huge) question, but there is a verbal agreement that it would be OK to park it somewhere in the woods here, with some limitations. A few loose ends that I won't get into now, but it's a good start.

That's a major turning point for me, and as with all major turning points (well, all that I have experience of), it comes with a big feeling of OMG what have I done, do I really want this. Going to take a bit of getting used to.

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