Thursday, July 9, 2009

Shuffle Vault

Wednesday morning Sheila dragged me out for a walk to Shuffle Vault. I was sure that's what she called it, but I was told later that it is really Sheffield Vault, and that is what it is called on the map.

I like Shuffle Vault better.

We drove to Long Beach in her dogmobile (minus the dogs) and then walked along the beach to the vault. Dawdling and taking pictures of the cliffs. We had timed this walk to be finished before high tide because at high tide the water comes right up to the foot of the cliffs leaving no dry beach to walk back on.

We almost made it, but the last stretch of the beach was already under water by the time we got there. Fortunately the cliff dips down there and we could climb up on top to avoid wet feet.

There's a little beach cabin by the brook in Shuffle Vault. Someone dammed the last little bit of it before it reaches the beach, so there's a little wading pool there. I expect it's some cold though.

If you timed it right, you could walk all the way to Hall's Harbour along this beach. Something apparently Sheila would like to do one day. Not me though, walking on beach cobbles is tediously slow, I just know I'd get caught by the tide.

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Barbara Anne said...

Great pictures! If this trek preceded your laziness, methinks you earned a bit of relaxation.

If this trek came after your laziness, it totally ruined your relaxation. In a beautiful way, of course!