Saturday, July 11, 2009

Weather note

The past few days we've had sunny warm days and cold nights, even a frost warning in the Valley! Perfect weather here on the Mountain though. The cold nights are killing off the mosquitoes, yay! And the sunny warm days are definitely restorative for persons.

I wanted to photograph the lily blooming in the pond near the road, then saw the large frog and wanted to include him in the photo. Wasn't till later that I noticed all the little tiny frogs!

Even one or two still with tails...

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Barbara Anne said...

Hi Anne!

Now that is a lot of lily pads and more than a few frogs!

I still have a Burl Ives record on which he sings "I'm a little white duck, swimming in the water, a little white duck, doing what he otta. Along came a frog on a lily pad, and the little duck quacked and he said "I'm glad to be a little white duck ..."

Interesting pictures!