Thursday, July 2, 2009

One hour and twenty minutes

I have to laugh. I've had dial-up internet access for just under a month now, and I signed up for a plan that gave me 40 hours of dial-up time per month. So being a bit of an online addict, I carefully calculated that I had about one hour and twenty minutes a day before I started running into surcharges. I've been awfully careful. I had no idea how addicted to the internet I was until I started trying to count the minutes.

The last couple of weeks here have been uncommonly wet. The sun peaks through occasionally, but by and large it's been pretty darn wet. The weatherman offers no respite, the daily forecasts are for showers and periods of rain for the foreseeable future. Shades of a West Coast winter!

The worst thing about this weather is what it does to the mosquito population. They are proliferating like crazy! (Not to mention the slugs, who are devouring my tiny little garden.) Trying to take advantage of the time between the showers and periods of rain is impossible, the mosquitoes just descend in horrible clouds within seconds of my appearance outside the house. Plus, they have found every tiny entrance into the house, so I am blessed with their presence indoors as well, albeit in fewer numbers.

As a result of these two things, the rain and the mosquitoes, I am feeling a tad stir-crazy. There are so many things I would rather be doing than staring out the window, there are so many things that I could be doing rather than staring out the window, but nevertheless staring out the window is taking up larger and larger portions of my days.

So lately I have been chafing at the limitations of one hour and twenty minutes a day of internet time. I decided to take the big step of upgrading to unlimited access, a mere $10 a month more (plus sales tax). I called the phone/internet company. They of course were happy to upgrade me.

Then I wondered how much time I had already used and asked how I could find out. It turned out to be rather complicated, involving much time spent on hold, but eventually the nice Customer Service lady told me 14 hours. Fourteen? Yes, over the past 29 days I have used 14 hours (less than thirty minutes a day!). How can that be? I was so sure I was at risk of going into overtime any minute now and she tells me that I am not even close! She asked if I wanted to reconsider signing up for the unlimited plan.

I decided not to reconsider. It is driving me crazy trying to ration my use of the internet, I am clearly not cut out for it. The extra $10 or $11 a month allows me not to think about it. As well, I was initially told that it would take up to two days to put the new plan into effect and the phone company could not tell me how I would now when it had kicked in; however this wonderful lady told me that actually it had already kicked in and I could spend the rest of this rainy mosquito-ey day drowning my frustrations on the internet.

So don't try to phone me, I am on dial-up.

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