Wednesday, July 8, 2009

On being lazy

Usually there is only one blue jay at my birdfeeder. At least I think there is only one, but for all I know it could be many, just one at a time. But today there were definitely three. It was quite interesting to watch them, they had a kind of "pecking order", shown by how far they perched from the feeder.

Now I am wondering if it was a mother and two youngsters, or three siblings, or just three jays. It was fun to watch them though.

I was going to go down to the Valley to buy birdseed today, but I am feeling way too lazy right now. The birds will finish off the seed in the feeder some time in the afternoon, and that will be it for them until I get over my laziness.

This morning Sheila dragged me out for a walk to Sheffield Vault. I attribute my laziness to that walk.

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Barbara Anne said...

We don't feed the birds in the summertime since food is abundant in this wooded area. We did for a while, but there are so many cats here, it didn't seem fair to the birds.

Lazy day here, too, as this week is a welcome break from medical appts for my in-laws. Friday and Monday are full up with appts and the break will be so very over. No laziness allowed for me on those days.