Monday, July 13, 2009

My new mountain boots

I saw Nancy wearing these very cool-looking shoes which turned out to be cut-down rubber boots. I thought they looked fairly easy to make and I had a pair of rubber boots that I thought would be perfect for this project, because they sure don't work well as regular boots. So I went out and bought myself a new pair of boots that fit better and then came home and cut down my old boots. It only took a few minutes, and voila!

I love them: they are sturdy, comfortable and good-looking. I think they are more comfortable than store-bought duck boots, and they are certainly cheaper.

Someone commented on Nancy and I having the same little shoes, they thought they should be called Mountain Boots. So there you are, my new mountain boots.


Barbara Anne said...

What an excellent job you did on the mountain boots! They seem to be symmetrical and evenly cut along the edges. Well done!

May your new mountain boots serve you well.


Wisewebwoman said...

I'm so impressed! What did you cut them down with? The edges are very professional!

Annie said...

Hi Barbara Anne and WWW,

Thank you for the compliments, but maybe I'm only half-deserving!

These particular boots happened to have lines marked on them that I could follow, so that's why they look so symmetrical and even. Fortunately, my photographic skills being what they are, you can't see the rough bits! I'm still working on that (the rough bits), with a penknife and sandpaper. The original cutting was just done with ordinary kitchen scissors.

I don't know where you would get boots with the lines already on them, I picked these ones up at either Canadian Tire or Zellers a couple of years ago. My new boots (from Zellers) don't have the lines.

If I were to do it again, I'd cut the back of the heel a little higher, and not make such a sharp angle between the sides and the front. Those corners are the weak point in the design, the spot where water is most likely to get in.

Alan G said...

Those boots look 'store-bought'- you did great job. Looks like they would be much easier to take on and off also as compared to high-tops.