Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Family break-up

I went away for a couple of days and apparently the squirrel family has split up. Mama must have weaned the babies, she doesn't come around to gnaw on the antlers anymore, but the older youngster has moved in with me. On my porch that is. This morning when I went outdoors to pee, he was sitting up in a tree and tried to bonk me with a pinecone! Little brat!

I'd shoo him away but I can't get at him, he's moved in behind the firewood, roll roofing and 2x4s, and he took the nesting material with him. I tried to reach in there with a mop handle, but it didn't faze him, I could hear him skittering around to avoid getting hit but he never came out. I notice he's been chewing the cardboard wrappers on the roofing material. I don't think he'll chew the roofing or 2x4s, but there's a couple of pairs of snowshoes he might get interested in. That would be bad, they're handmade by Mike.


Wisewebwoman said...

It's an outdoor privy you have then, my dear?
You may have to move the squirrel indoors to keep a closer eye on him/her.

Annie said...

Ha ha very funny, but not a chance! He/she is cute but not that cute! He'd think he'd died and gone to heaven, all that food, all that stuff to soil and destroy...

His Mom visited yesterday, sat in a tree and stared at me, no doubt muttering to herself, Good luck with that one!

And in answer to your question, yes my dear, emphasis on primitive.

Barbara Anne said...

Hi Anne,

I hope you'll rescue the snowshoes and give them to Mike to protect. My theory on all "stuff" is that if it's important to you or to someone, if it's tied to wonderful memories, or if it's irreplaceable, keep it safe from little kids, careless adults, and critters.

Methinks a squirrel in the house would soon be living in some upholstered piece of furniture. Not so good!